Trevor Curtis:

Head Coach and Owner

Cf-L2 and Precision Nutrition L1

My first CrossFit workout was in 2013. I was living in San Jose , Ca down the road from the very first CrossFit gym. In my very first class I remember watching someone walk on their hands and thinking how badly I wanted to be able to do that. I then had my butt handed to me by a 6 month pregnant mom of five and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t beat her. A whole humble-pie was eaten that day. I started my fitness journey at 18. I was 315lbs and was overweight my whole life. I was always active and played sports growing up but something was missing. When I decide to do something I’m all in until I reach my goal. Over the course of the first year I dropped almost 140 pounds and started to dive into the world of Health and fitness. After a couple of years of bodybuilding and powerlifting routines I decided to try CrossFit. I like so many before me was instantly hooked and never looked back!

Coaching to me is about taking the time to enrich others lives through health and fitness. Weight loss, performance, or even mental health can all move the needle to a more positive life. I do my best everyday to bring that to my people. 


Crystal Sydney:

Coach Cf-L1 

I started my CrossFit Journey in 2015. I was 3 months postpartum with my third child. I weighed 212lbs, and I was not happy while I drank and ate what ever I wanted. When I walked into a Box for the first time I was petrified, I had never touched a barbell and was overweight. Then I did my first workout and immediately I was hooked. I remembered looking at all the "fit" members thinking wow I want to aspire to be like them. I just absolutely love the kindness and support I received from my coaches and fellow athletes! We were a family and it continued to grow from there. 

I never saw my self becoming a coach untill I started to help my peers with their gymnastics movements. The feeling was amazing and it made me realize my passion for helping and pushing to reach goals they never thought would be possible. I love to watch people grow and become "Beasts" in the gym!

Crystal gym.jpg